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REVIEWS  4 out of 4 STARS: 

**Post by daydreaming reader» 13 Jul 2018, 09:51

I like that it is concise, it allows one to easily re-reading the guide when preparing for presentations, in addition to preparing the actual information to be presented. Therefore, I can understand how the book is geared towards action, instead of simply offering information. Thanks for the great review.

** Post by Rosemary Kathibe» 13 Jul 2018, 14:35

Thanks for the review. This is the kind of book I have been looking for as I struggle to speak in public because of my shyness. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from it.

**Post by Cecilia 1 »  13 Jul 2018 14:38 

"Unlike others which I have read, I really appreciated that this book spoke about the importance of interacting with an audience before and after a presentation. I think this is crucial to delivering an excellent speech because it would help a speaker to become familiar with his/her audience. This will definitely help the speaker to become more relatable and likable."

Yes, I agree! I've definitely found this to be true when I've been a member of the audience. It's natural to connect more because of the interaction. Thanks for the great review!

        This is a self help book, to help individuals

        who have a desire to speak publicly or in

        front of a crowd and lack the experience,

        knowledge and or the confidence.

        10 Steps will give you the basic tools to be

        able to take that first step at speaking in

        front of people.  The Do's and Dont's of

        Public Speaking and everything in